A sponsor is a sober, experienced member of SRA who is willing to help another member on a regular basis. He or she guides us in learning how to “work” the program and the Twelve Steps of SRA. When choosing a sponsor, it is important to pick someone whose program works and whose sobriety you respect. We strongly recommend that members take into account sexual considerations when choosing a sponsor (Sexual attraction can be counter-productive to the relationship.)

Many of us found it extremely helpful to get a sponsor quickly, as it kept us connected to the program. A sponsor provided a safe place to talk about things that were difficult to share at meetings. Divulging the secrets that had haunted and tormented us, we became able to start the process of letting go of our self-destructive behavior and thinking. We began to trust and believe that another person would be there for us. This, in turn, opened us to others, helping to further break our isolation.

There is no time limit as to how long a sponsorship lasts. After careful consideration, either member can end the sponsorship.

This relationship is not only beneficial to the sponsee, but to the sponsor as well. One of the keystones of the SRA program states that “we cannot keep what we do not give away!”