Slogans are a quick way of bringing the spirit of the program home — especially when we need it most! Most of us groaned at the thought of them, but just ask any experienced members if they use them… Before we realize it, slogans have a way of appearing in our minds just when our old attitudes are about to lead us down a path of self-destruction. Here are some examples:

• This is hopeless…. I can’t! I’m paralyzed with fear!Act As If
• I’ve got to understand everything before I do anything.Analysis Is Paralysis
• I’ve got to fix it now! It’s time to run.Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There
• I hate myself. I’m bad. I’m unworthy. I can whip myself into shape.Easy Does It
• I’ve got to do it all at once. Who needs priorities?First Things First
• My life depends on it!How Important Is It?
• I already know the answer. If I’m wrong it proves I’m unworthy.Keep an Open Mind
• It seems really complicated…Keep It Simple
• I’ve got to hang on… I don’t trust…Let Go and Let God
• I don’t want to hear it. I already know it. I know everything.Listen and Learn
• I’ll die if I stop meddling… I need to prove I’m right!Live and Let Live
• I’m projecting… It’s too much for me…I feel overwhelmed by the future.One Day at a Time
• I’ve got to do everything perfectly. I’ve got to be perfect.Progress, Not Perfection
• I’ll die if I don’t… This Too Shall Pass I should have ____. (fill in the blank)Today I Won’t Should
All Over Myself