Many of us find service to be extremely helpful in maintaining our sobriety. It keeps us connected with the SRA program, which is useful since we are people who tend to isolate and “disconnect” from others.

For beginners, such simple things as helping to set up chairs or straightening up rooms at the end of a meeting can be a great way to start feeling like a part of the group. Introducing ourselves and saying hello to another newcomer is also a very important element of service.

After having been in SRA for a period of time, we can take on responsibilities at meetings by becoming a chairperson, treasurer, literature coordinator, or intergroup representative.

We can also offer our services to SRA Intergroup in a variety of other ways, including attending business meetings, volunteering for institutional meetings, working on committees, and responding to mail or telephone inquiries. These services further our commitment to the fellowship and to our sobriety.