Some therapists see Twelve Step fellowships as being at odds with therapy. Our experience shows that this is not true. Both may address the same issues but they need not be in conflict. Each suggests solutions to the same problem and each can support the other.

SRA offers the opportunity of group support while recovering. It offers this support, even outside of meetings. It also offers peer identification, so people can start to feel less lonely and isolated with their addiction. Knowing and being with others who are recovering can be immensely healing.

Members find that therapy offers professional support and guidance as suppressed feelings, memories and thoughts are uncovered. This can be especially helpful in the early stages of sobriety when volatile emotions often surface. Later, members find that the ongoing care and assurance of a professional can continue to provide a vital role in their recoveries. Therapists may be assured that should therapy end, the client may continue to have support through SRA.