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The material in The Communiqué is the experience and opinion of the author and not necessarily that of SRA Our traditions remind us that indeed no one can speak for SRA

Winter 2017 Communiqué

  • A Founder's Story
  • Step Eight Preliminary Draft
Winter 2009 Communiqué
  • A personal story
  • A poem by Antonio Machado
Summer 2009 Communiqué
  • A personal story
  • A reflection on wisdom
Spring 2009 Communiqué
  • A personal story
  • A reflection on wisdom
Spring 2008 Communiqué
  • Personal story "Christmas Bust"
Summer 2007 Communiqué
  • "Accentuate the Positive", A personal story
  • General sexual addiction statistics quoted from several recent research sources
  • "A Rabbit Noticed My Condition- St John of the Cross", a poem
The 2007 spring issue
  • "The Literature Committee - Looking Forward", an overview of the first 7 steps
  • "A Personal Story", by RSA [Edited and Reprinted]
The 2006 spring issue
(SRA Birthday Issue - November 2005 SRA became 15 years old)
  • A History of the Founding of Sexual Recovery
  • Anonymous, by Bill M (Vancouver, BC)
  • "A Goodbye Letter", by Anonymous
The 2005 spring issue
(The "Keep Coming Back" Issue)
  • Several members share why they keep coming back to the SRA program
The 2004 fall issue
  • "Formulating the SRA Sobriety Definition", a SRA historical article by Bill M.
  • Service Opportunities
The 2004 spring issue
  • "Casey's Story", A personal story
  • "A Member's Vision", a reprint
The 2003 summer issue
  • "Unrestrained thinking brought unrestrained behavior by Joseph B.
  • "Positive or Negative Recovery" by Larry V.
  • "Dreams" by Jerry C.
The 2003 spring issue
  • A "Personal Story" by RS
  • A Member's Vision for Sexual Recovery Anonymous
The 2001 fall issue
  • A Special issue dedicate to loving memory of Murray R. one of the founders of SRA who passed away March 14th, 2001.
  • "Personal Story" by GS
  • "Murray, a Reluctant Founder" by BM
  • "Further Lessons in Humility" by MR
  • "I Can't Do It Alone" by BM A member shares his experience of attending the forum with several sex addiction 12 Step Programs represented.
The 1998 fall issue
  • "Personal Story" by DB
  • "Why Stay Sober?", The Communique asked a group of SRA members to share their feelings about their commitment to staying sober
  • The General Service Board Update
    * What is GSB
    * The Literature Committee Report
    * The Interfellowship Forum
    * New Meetings
  • A Relationship in Recover", by LS
  • "Personal Growth", a poem by DF